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St. Paul RCV News: City Council Field Set

Our team is out talking to voters

Our St. Paul Rank Your Vote education team is up and running! Election Day is less than 70 days away, and the team is busy around the city talking with voters to make sure they are ready to rank their vote for city council. If you see us out in your neighborhood be sure to say hello and pledge to rank your vote!

We're also looking to hire an additional canvasser. Click here for more information about the position.

RCV Candidate Tip #2: the Road to 50%+1

This is the second of our weekly tips about campaigning under Ranked Choice Voting. It’s helpful to carefully consider your plan to make it to the winning threshold of 50% plus one vote.


First-Choice Votes


No matter the number of candidates in your race, first-choice votes are the most important, and a top focus for your campaign should be to maximize the number of first-choice votes you receive. If you can persuade more than 50% of the voters to chose you as their first choice, the lower rankings do not come into play and you win. Even if you cannot win on first-choice votes alone, a substantial share will still be necessary to stay in the race.


Lower-Choice Votes


RCV Candidate Tip #1: Using the Language of Ranked Choice Voting in Your Campaign

This is the first of our weekly tips about campaigning using Ranked Choice Voting. Keep an eye out for a new tip every Wednesday.

Asking Voters Specifically for their First-Choice Vote

No matter the number of candidates in the race or whether you anticipate lower-choice votes being a factor, it should always benefit you to use the language of ranked voting when talking about the race and asking voters to support you. In a traditional election you might have asked, "Can I count on your vote on Tuesday?" Under Ranked Choice Voting it benefits you to instead ask, "Can I count on your first-choice vote on Tuesday?"

FairVote Minnesota Seeks Voter Education Canvassers

FairVote Minnesota Seeks Voter Education Canvassers

FairVote Minnesota Foundation is seeking to hire canvassers from diverse communities to conduct direct outreach and education to voters in St. Paul in preparation for the Ranked Choice Voting elections this November. Work will begin immediately and last through Election Day.

Job description: Canvassers will work to educate and prepare St. Paul voters for the use of Ranked Choice voting in the City Council elections this fall. This will primarily take place through door-knocking in targeted areas of St. Paul but may also include phoning and outreach at community events. As these efforts will be most effective at the times more voters are in their homes, canvassers will be expected to conduct much of their work during evenings and weekends.

Compensation: Canvassers will be contracted to work at $14 per hour and approximately 35 hours per week.

Richard Carlbom: Ranked voting: A better way to elect school leaders

Richard Carlbom: Ranked voting: A better way to elect school leaders

The DFL convention for the St. Paul School Board reflects a highly competitive and potentially divisive school board race ahead. If it's anything like the school board race in Minneapolis last year, we should brace ourselves for acrimony and mudslinging.

The tone of last year's Minneapolis school board race, conducted under traditional election rules, stood in stark contrast to the mayoral and city council races a year earlier in which ranked voting was used. The mayoral election was especially competitive and had the potential to be highly negative, but it wasn't. One reason is that ranked voting provides a tangible, vote-getting reason to stay positive and focused on the issues.