RCV Tip #3: RCV Messaging and Your Website

This is the third of our weekly tips about campaigning under Ranked Choice Voting. This week, we offer three ways your website can benefit from considering RCV.

Explain RCV

Your website is an easy place to include an explanation of RCV to eliminate any possible confusion among your supporters and make sure they understand the importance of giving you their first-choice vote. Your website may already include other resources on voting information for your supporters and a quick explanation of RCV is a useful addition to this. Attached is a brief explanation of RCV in St. Paul that can be easily added to your website or any other campaign communication.

In addition, a link to our website or the Ramsey County Elections page on RCV can help an interested supporter learn even more about the process.

Use the Language of RCV

Along with other campaign materials, using the language of RCV on your website should only serve to benefit your campaign. Using phrases like “Vote Your Name #1” or “Your Name First Choice” doesn’t require much extra space or explanation -- and can go a long way in shoring up critical votes.

Plenty of Room to Ask for Lower Choice Votes

Your campaign website is not subject to the same space limitations as your other communications that might not leave enough room for to ask for lower-choice votes. For those of you in a multicandidate race, your website can be an effective place to do this, possibly even with specific messages for those who have already committed their first-choice vote to another candidate.

With absentee voting rapidly approaching, voters will soon be taking a last look online when considering their lower choices. Including this direct ask on your website might earn you the second-choice vote you need from an early voter.

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