RCV Candidate Tip #5: Can we host a fun ranked vote at your event?

This is the fifth in our series of weekly tips about campaigning under Ranked Choice Voting. This week we offer to host a ranked vote at one of your upcoming campaign events. We just finished up 12 days at the state fair where over 1,000 Minnesotans had a blast ranking their favorite fair food. We’ll be announcing the winning food later this week, but until then I would like to extend an invitation to hold a similar ranked vote at one of your events.

In past years we’ve had a great time holding ranked votes on a light topic at candidate events. We agree on what to vote on beforehand, often the event’s food (best appetizer, best dessert, etc.) I then show up with ranked ballots, help your guests vote, and announce the winner at the end. It provides a fun activity for attendees and an opportunity to make sure your supporters understand RCV. This can be a nice addition to just about any event, especially a fundraiser or meet and greet.

Please let me know if you have an event coming up where you would like us to hold one of these fun ranked votes. If you would like to talk it through on the phone first, please give me a call at 612-723-7943.

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