Pioneer Press: St. Paul Ward 2 voter turnout increases

By Frederick Melo | November 11, 2015

On Election Day, 72 percent of voters in St. Paul's busiest city council race chose multiple candidates on their ranked-choice ballot.

The Ward 2 council race drew 5,738 voters -- a 6 percent increase over 2011, according to FairVote Minnesota, an organization advocating for ranked-choice voting within the state.

Rebecca Noecker won the six-way race with 2,391 first-choice votes and 2,782 total votes after successive votes were factored in. Nearly three-fourths of voters ranked candidates on their ballots.

While citywide turnout was down compared with four years ago, FairVote noted that turnout increased in Wards 2, 4 and 5, the wards with the most competitive races.

"In Ward 2, having six candidates running through Election Day drew more than 300 additional voters to the polls, a 6 percent increase over the last ward election in 2011," according to a statement from the organization.